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The Republican River Water Conservation District is an independent entity that is entirely self-governed. The Colorado State Legislature created the District in 2004 to assure local involvement in the State’s efforts to comply with the Republican River Compact between Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. The fifteen members of the Board of Directors are residents of the basin appointed by the Commissioners of local counties, Boards of ground water management districts, and the Colorado Ground Water Commission.

The District promotes conservation through voluntary participation. By utilizing federal programs, the District has brought in millions of federal dollars to offer financial incentives to producers who voluntarily retire water rights to reduce consumptive use to the stream flows. These water retirements reinforce the District’s efforts to conserve the Ogallala Aquifer for future generations.

Current focus toward compact compliance is through a $60,000,000 locally funded pipeline project. The water source for the pipeline comes from existing irrigation wells with pumping limited to historic use. The compact compliance pipeline was completed on April 4, 2014.

 Official Posting Place
Posted - Friday, April 01, 2016

Republican River Water Conservation District
 Quarterly Board Meeting

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Holyoke, Colorado

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Posted - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The RRWCD Joins Colorado NRCS in Funding the 2016 Ogallala Aquifer Initiative -


The Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD) acting through its Water Activity Enterprise will again partner with NRCS to encourage water conservation through the Ogallala Aquifer Initiative (OAI). The RRWCD will provide incentives to producers that voluntarily implement certain water conservation measures.  Last year the RRWCD teamed up with NRCS on this program and provided $510,000 to convert approximately five hundred ten acres (510 acres) from irrigated to dryland agriculture or grassland. 

This year the District has expanded their participation in the program and will also provide funding along with the NRCS incentives on short-term irrigation rotations, and certain water management improvements such as soil moisture monitoring systems, weather stations, and conversion from sprinkler irrigation to an underground drip irrigation system. 

In addition to the NRCS incentives, the RRWCD will provide between six hundred ($600.00) and one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00) depending on the location of the well.  In addition to the permanent well retirement practice, the District will be providing incentives to eligible producers that enter into short –term (1 -3 years) rotations from irrigated cropland to dryland cropping practices.  Priorities have been established to focus RRWCD funding in areas that provides the highest level of credit for Colorado in the Republican River Compact.

Recent research has suggested that high capacity wells can reduce water consumption by as much as twenty percent (20%) in some cases, with little or no effect on the overall profitability of that particular well.  To supplement NRCS incentives the RRWCD has earmarked fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) to producers who wish to continue to irrigate, but agree to reduce pumping by at least ten percent (10%) using water conservation measures such as weather stations, soil moisture monitoring and conversion from sprinkler irrigation to an underground drip system.  More efficient irrigation systems can contribute substantially to prolonging the life of the aquifer, while maintaining a strong irrigated agricultural economy.

The RRWCD has consulted with groundwater management districts, the Water Preservation Partnership, and others to develop strategies to assist producers through financial incentives to voluntarily reduce water consumption.  Several surveys distributed throughout the District to producers have indicated that voluntary, incentive based practices were preferred over regulatory water restrictions.  The OAI provides yet another voluntary incentive based tool that all producers can use to help prolong the life of this aquifer.  It is important that each and every irrigated agriculture producer evaluate their individual irrigation practices and determine if they can help reduce their impact on the aquifer by implementing one or more of these water conservation practices. 

The NRCS has extended the deadline to May 20, 2016 for signing up for an OAI application Please contact your local NRCS office or the RRWCD office in Wray, Co (970-332-3552) as soon as possible if you wish to apply for water conservation funding through this program.

The Jim Hutton Educational Foundation Lawsuit Information

Date:            Description:
2-23-2015    Hutton Foundation vs State Engineer Dick Wolfe - For a copy of the complaint,
click here.

10-8-2015    To view the public notice served by the Hutton Foundation on the RRWCD,
click here

10-28-2015  To view the article submitted by RRWCD titled 'Hutton Foundation Forced to Notifiy Well Owners,' click here

3-21-2016    To view the Colorado Judicial Branch's website, which has a current list of documents filed for the Hutton                              Foundation lawsuit case 
#15CW3018, click here




Contact Information

410 Main Street – Suite 8
Wray, CO 80758
970-332-3553 FAX
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Office hours 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (Monday thru Friday), closed 12:00 – 12:30 for lunch

Posting Location – The official locations for posting District information is the bulletin board at the Yuma County Courthouse in Wray, and here on the Official Posting Place.

RRWCD Meeting Dates

The dates for the regular quarterly board meetings have been set by statute to be the second Thursday of January, April, July and October.  The dates for the next 12 months are: 

July 14, 2016 - Holyoke, CO

October 13, 2016 - Wray, CO

January 12, 2017 - Burlington, CO

April 13, 2017 - Yuma, CO

Legislative Reports

UPDATED! To access the Legislative reports to the Colorado Legislature bills we are following for the district, click here


To read the article submitted by RRWCD President Rod Lenz, click here.

To read the Tip Jack water right Findings of Fact & Conclusions, click here

RRWCD Receives Report on Judge Hartmann's Decision in Hutton Foundation vs. State Engineer. To read the full article submitted by Deb Daniel, click here.

Hutton Lawsuit Threatens Shut Down of Irrigation Wells in the Republican River Basin. To read the full article submitted by the RRWCD, click here.

The Compact Compliance Pipeline is operating! To read the full article submitted by Deb Daniel, click here.

Special Master William Kayatta, Jr. issued his report in the United States Supreme Court case where Kansas sued Nebraska for damages for Nebraska's compact violations for 2005 and 2006. To view the report, click here

Arbitrator Martha O. Pagel has issued her report on the Colorado Compact Compliance Pipeline dispute pursuant to the Final Settlement Stipulation. To view the report, click here.

Arbitrator Martha O. Pagel has issued her report on the Bonny Reservoir Proposal dispute to Final Settlement Stipulation. To view the report, click here.

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